Environmental Humanities


Keywords For Environmental Studies

Edited by Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, David N. Pellow

Keywords for Environmental Studies analyzes the central terms and debates currently structuring the most exciting research in and across environmental studies, including the environmental humanities, environmental social sciences, sustainability sciences, and the sciences of nature.

Humanities for the Environment: Integrating knowledge, forging new constellations of practice

Joni Adamson, Michael Davis

Humanities for the Environment showcases how humanists are working to 'integrate knowledges' from diverse cultures and ontologies and pilot new 'constellations of practice' that are moving beyond traditional contemplative or reflective outcomes (the book, the essay) towards solutions to the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time. 

Sense of Place and Sense of Planet: The Environmental Imagination of the Global

Ursula Heise

Sense of Place and Sense of Planet analyzes the relationship between the imagination of the global and the ethical commitment to the local in environmentalist thought and writing from the 1960s to the present.