Is Climate Change Good?


Do natural disasters stimulate economic growth?

Drake Bennett

This New York Times article says that in the case of climatic disasters like hurricanes and cyclones, as opposed to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the more the better, Skidmore and Toya found. Nations with more climatic disasters grew faster over the long run than the less disaster-prone.


Australian Prime Minister: Global warming might be a good thing

Mikey Smith

This Mirror News article discusses former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's comment that  'Global Warming might be a good thing because more people die in cold snaps'.


The upside to natural disasters

Levi Novey

This Planetsave post presents three ideas about what might be some positive consequences of natural disasters.


Can natural disasters have positive consequences? Investigating the role of embodied technical change

Stephane Hallegatte, Patrice Dumas

This article discusses the idea that disasters might have positive economic consequences, through the accelerated replacement of capital. 


No one ever says it, but in many ways global warming will be a good thing

Bjorn Lomborg

This telegraph news article presents the idea that, “As global warming pushes temperatures up, more people will die in heat wave. What we don’t hear is that fewer people will die from cold.”


Tony Abbott tells climate sceptics forum global warming may be good and climate science is 'crap'

Claire Bickers

This Australian news article presents how, "Tony Abbott’s controversial comments savaging the global warming ‘thought police’ have found some traction within the Liberal Party."