Emma Hofland-Burry, StFX, BSc 2019

Renée Proctor, StFX, BA 2019

Alejandra Torres, StFX, BA 2019

Project Sponsors

The Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership, StFX University

The Examined Life Lab, Department of English, StFX University

allies, collaborators, and supporters

Department of English, StFX

Augy Jones, Manager of Student Experience

StFX English Society

Dr. Kevin Wamsley, StFX Academic Vice President and Provost

Dr. Donna Trembinski, StFX History

Dr. Cory Rushton, StFX English

Dr. Jane McMillan, StFX Anthropology

Dr. Maureen Moynagh, StFX English

Dr. Katherine Edwards, StFX English

Dr. Charlene Weaving, StFX Human Kinetics

Dr. Susan Vincent, StFX Anthropology

Dr. Mathias Nilges, StFX English