Literature and Ecology, Nature Writing


A Natural History of Nature Writing

Frank Stewart

A Natural History of Nature Writing is a penetrating overview of the origins and development of a uniquely American literature. Essayist and poet Frank Stewart describes in rich and compelling prose the lives and works of the most prominent American nature writers of the19th and 20th centuries

Nature Writing

Don Scheese


Toward a Literary Ecology: Places and Spaces in American Literature

Edited by Karen E. Waldron, Rob Friedman

An assembled collection of essays that study the interconnections between literature and the environment to theorize literary ecology. The disciplinary perspectives in these essays allow readers to comprehend places and environments and to represent, express, or strive for that comprehension through literature

The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment

Timothy Clark

The degrading environment of the planet is something that touches everyone. This 2011 book offers an overview of literary and cultural criticism that concerns environmental crisis in some form. This introduction defines what ecocriticism is, its methods, arguments and concepts, and will enable students to look at texts in a wholly new way.

Writing for an Endangered World: Literature, Culture, and Environment in the U.S. and Beyond

Lawrence Buell

Writing for an Endangered World offers a conception of the physical environment—whether built or natural—as simultaneously found and constructed, and treats imaginative representations of it as acts of both discovery and invention.