lodging & travel

getting to mainz

The easiest way to reach Mainz from abroad is by air travel to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA).

From Frankfurt International Airport, take a commuter train (“S-Bahn”) or regional train (“Regionalbahn”) from the Regionalbahnhof. The Regionalbahnhof is in the basement of Terminal. Trains to Mainz leave from platform 2, about every fifteen minutes or so. Tickets must be purchased in advance at a ticket machine (one floor up from the platforms proper), or via the RMV app (see link). If you use the ticket machine, the destination code for Mainz should be “65”; the ticket should be €4,95; the machine will likely take cash or debit cards. All regional trains departing from platform 2 will get you to Mainz Hauptbahnhof (direction Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof). Commuter trains are different: only the commuter train S-8 (direction Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof) will get you to Mainz Hauptbahnhof. Travel time: circa 25 minutes. Alternatively, a travel agent may be able to help you book a flight-train combination straight to Mainz. This will usually include a connection via intercity trains and expresses (more expensive). If you are booked on such a train, you will need to go to Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof, also in Terminal 1.

getting to your hotel

We have reserved blocks of rooms for conference participants in two hotels: the Intercity Hotel and the Hotel Königshof. We will book participants into these hotels based on room availability, arrival and departure dates, mobility/accessibility requirements, and so on. Both hotels are close to the train station and only a five minute tram or bus ride from campus. If you are booked into the Hotel Königshof, leave the train station by the main entrance (“Bahnhofsplatz”). Standing on the station square, you will see five roads that lead onto the square. Hotel Königshof is located on the middle road, across the square from the station. The hotel is located on the left side of the street—about a minute’s walk. If you are booked into Intercity Hotel, leave by the train station’s side entrance (“West, Mombacher Str.”). Walk underneath the roadway to the traffic light, and cross the large road ahead of you. Walk toward the bus stop to your right, and you will see Intercity Hotel across the street to your left. Cross at the traffic lights.

getting to the university

One easy way to get from the hotels to the university is to walk (about fifteen minutes uphill). From Hotel Königshof, it is best to walk to the Intercity Hotel and follow the directions from there. From the Intercity Hotel, simply step outside and turn left. Walk along this road past the gas station on your left, then cross at the traffic lights on your right. You are now on Saarstraße, walking uphill. Follow this road past the cemetery to reach the university campus straight ahead. Walk through the portal and the “Forum” and down the pedestrian path that stretches ahead. The first building on your left after you pass the second portal in the Forum is “Rewi,” the Law and Economics building. Signs will guide you to the elevator up to the Dekanatssaal, where the conference will be taking place. Alternatively, trams 51 and 53 and a number of buses from either Hauptbahnhof or Hauptbahnhof West (for those staying at Intercity Hotel) will take you to campus. Purchase a “Kurzstrecke” ticket, and ride one stop to “Universität.” Then follow the walking instructions.

Internet access

You will be able to use the “EDUROAM” network on campus.

little bits of info from past visitors

“The region’s transportation network has an excellent app that usefully contains all the train, bus and tram information in real-time queries (including trains to and from Frankfurt and Frankfurt airport). Look for RMV app here. This is better, I think, than Google maps, since google often doesn’t have the bus information.”

“In Germany, there are different kinds of tickets, including one for “short trips” - if you are only a few stops away from your destination. The university is within this range from the train station, so you can purchase the cheaper tickets. Germany works on the honor system, so you won’t need to show your tickets when getting on board. But if you don’t have a ticket and are “controlled,” they tend towards the automatic fine.”

“If you need to travel off the network, there is Uber. Additionally, there is Mytaxi (download the app). Mytaxi works like Uber, but it works with actual taxi firms, rather than gig economy drivers.”