Masculinity and Sexualized Violence


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Men as Allies In Preventing Violence Against Women: SUNY Stonybrook White Paper


It’s Not That Men Don’t Know What Consent Is

The New York Times

Taking Responsibility or a Requiem? Men Talk About #MeToo

The New York Times

Science Says Toxic Masculinity — More Than Alcohol — Leads To Sexual Assault

Five Thirty Eight

Alcohol Isn’t The Cause of Campus Sexual Assault. Men Are.

The Washington Post

Sexual Violence Against Women is the Result of the Cult of Masculinity

The Guardian

Why the Connection Between Sexual Assault and Masculinity Affects All of Us

Women’s Media Center

I Fell for the Cult of Masculinity—and the Myth That Men Are Aggressive By Nature


The Masculinity Motivation

Stanford Law Review

Men, Masculinities, Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence: A Literature Review and Call for Action

Men Engage Alliance

Sexual Violence—A Public Health Primer

Government Nova Scotia

We Believe You: A Feminist Book List on Sexual Violence, Consent, and Masculinity


Self-Learning Booklet: Understanding Masculinities and Violence Against Women and Girls

UN Women Training Centre

Five Things Men Can Do to End Violence Against Women

University of Toronto

Issue Brief: Engaging Men and Boys to Reduce and Prevent Gender-Based Violence

The White Ribbon Campaign

Men Can Stop Rape: Creating Cultures Free From Violence

Men Can Stop Rape

What Rape Culture Says About Masculinity

The Conversation

Engendering Healthy Masculinities to Prevent Sexual Violence

Contemporary Clinical Trials

Deconstructing Hegemonic Masculinity: The Roles of Antifemininity, Subordination to Women, and Sexual Dominance in Men’s Perpetration of Sexual Aggression

Psychol Men Masc

Masculinity and Sexual Violence: Assessing the State of the Field

Sociology Compass