student research and writing

We offer this space to archive and highlight research, creative pieces, and commentary by students who work on the topics to which the Unmasking Masculinity project is dedicated. If you would like to add your work to this growing list of materials, and if you want to share your ideas with others and make them easily accessible, then get into contact with us. Our contact information is listed in the “About” section above.

Across a variety of classes, students write papers and engage in related forms of work (creative and analytical) that grapples with the topics of masculinity, masculinity and sexualized violence, etc. After having been submitted for a class, lots of wonderful papers or theses and a lot of hard work tend to end up on harddrives that become graveyards filled with good ideas. Universities create important ideas. And yet, all too often, these ideas, especially those produced by students over the course of their academic careers, are not preserved. But since addressing problems related to masculinity and to sexualized violence require us to learn and to think together, would it not be better if we created a way to archive good ideas and research projects, so that others may read them and learn from them? To this end, we have created this space. We hope to be able to archive student work, so that future generations of students may be able to draw inspiration from and continue the work of those who came before them.

If you have a research essay, a piece of creative writing, visual artwork (painting, photography, video, etc.), a music composition, a manifesto, a think-piece, a meme-series, or other forms of commentary or analysis that you would like to share with a wider audience, simply let us know. We will work with you to design your ideas for web-publication, and we will give you your own space on this page.