The Future of NaturE and Environmental Change


The Future of Nature

Edited by Libby Robin, Sverker Sorlin, Paul Warde

Through an array of texts and commentaries this anthology provides an historical overview of the scientific ideas behind environmental prediction and how, as predictions about environmental change have been taken more seriously and widely, they have affected politics, policy, and public perception. 

The Future of Nature: Writing on a Human Ecology from Orion Magazine

Barry Lopez

The Future of Nature encompasses such topics as local economies, the social dynamics of activism, America’s incarceration society, naturalism in higher education, developing nations, spiritual ecology, the military-industrial landscape, and the persistent tyranny of wilderness designation.

What Is the Future of Nature?

Wayne Klockner

State director and vice president of The Nature Conservancy, Wayne Klockner reached out to three of the Conservancy’s top scientists to hear their thoughts on the Future of Nature, specifically the future of food, energy, and water. These issues are significant because we encounter them every day, no matter where we live.

Living Through the End of Nature: The Future of American Environmentalism

Paul Wapner

How environmentalism can reinvent itself in a postnature age: a proposal for navigating between naive naturalism and technological arrogance. In Living Through the End of Nature, Paul Wapner probes the meaning of environmentalism in a postnature age.

The Canadian Museum of Nature’s new exhibit explores the future of sustainable biodiversity in Canada

Liz Rodriguez

Centretown News: The Canadian Museum of Nature’s Beaty Centre for Species Discovery launched a science symposium on Feb.1-2 to explore the future of biodiversity conservation in Canada.