The aim of our project is to assist efforts that seek to create the cultural change that is required in order to address the problem of sexualized violence on university campuses and in society. Specifically, we try to engage with one question that is being asked all too often in the context of meetings or projects that try to confront this topic: “where are all the men?!” We strive to create opportunities that encourage men to enter into the dialogue and that urge them to do their part in our collective effort to explore the sources of sexualized violence and to explore ways to create positive change.

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Topic Areas


Project Leads


Emma Hofland-Burry

PRoject Lead


Alejandra Torres

Project lead


Renee Proctor

PRoject Lead


Lucas Middleton

Co-organizer, “Reading Men”


Tyler Wilson

Co-organizer, “Reading Men”

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Recent News and Upcoming Events

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Unmasking Masculinity Screenings & “Reading Men”

Held at St. Francis Xavier University

March 23, 2019